IACRF is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by six mothers of children with cancer and two pediatric oncology nurses. The group formed a powerful alliance by agreeing that currently there are no diagnoses that have an acceptable cure rate.

Our Mission

Innovative Advanced Cancer Research Foundation is committed to supporting dedicated physicians and scientists achieve their goals of advancing cancer treatment through innovative ground-breaking research.

Our Stories

The Innovative Advanced Cancer Research Foundation was founded by a group of families impacted by cancer who are committed to helping others with cancer by funding research that will provide better treatments and quality of life both during and after treatment.

Our Research

Guided by our Board of Directors and leading oncology research advisors, we focus on expediting the discovery of new treatments for curing cancer. Projects are rigorously screened & monitored to ensure the effectiveness of our fellowships & grants.

How to Help

There are numerous ways that you can help the Innovative Advanced Research Cancer Foundation reach our goals and help cure cancer. Most importantly, you can donate via Paypal or email us for instructions to make a donation with cash or check.

We believe that more children may be saved and their side effects reduced if new and atypical concepts were better supported. Our Foundation is dedicated to funding these scientific efforts.

—IACRF Board Members